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Loop the loop, putting words to beats

Over the last year, I’ve slowly been introducing new material into my live set, for when I’m doing solo spoken word gigs. Aside from new poems and stories I’ve been writing, one thing I’m doing is bringing in the loopstation and adding a music element to my set.

With my work with both Beats & Elements and Beatbox Academy using a loopstation is intergral to the workshops we teach, as well as for use in the shows, however, I’ve been releuctant to bring it in for my live gigs. So what changed? Well, last summer, Conrad and I were invited to lead some workshops for West End Stage which is a yearly summer school, in which young people from all over the world come to London, to learn about musical theatre. Me and Con were the ‘surprise session’ every day, over 300 kids per week, roughtly about 20-30 per group and we had to teach them beatboxing, so with each session I’d perform a demo on the looper, to show them what it was all about.

Below is a video of me practising, in between sessions, with a sore throat, performing the title song from the first Beats & Elemets show, No Milk For The Foxes I’m slowly working on adding some more songs, hopefully you’ll get to hear a few of them at a set soon…