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ILINX. The Street Circus Extravaganza

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It’s a cliche but time certainly has flown by, kinda like those people out in the remote areas, who every now again, out walking the dog or whatever, get their peace (and windows) broken by some RAF pilot, test-flying a new jump-jet, loop the loops and all that. Alright, maybe not that fast but hopefully you get the point.

So earlier on this year, inbetween two residencies at Mountview, the final rehearsals for High Rise eState of Mind, myself and Conrad Murray (Beatbox Academy director and my partner-in-ryhme for Beats & Elements) worked with the Beatbox Academy, in their collebation with The Roundhouse Street Circus company and NoFit State, which resulted in this big outdoor event called ILINX. The show featured over 50 young people, from all over London, from ages 9 up to 25.

There was a lead up of a few weeks, which began with all the young people involved, gettting the chance to spend the day trying out each other's artform. There were then a few weekly sessions, in which the director, Paul Evans, along with the Roundhouse producer, Kevin Wratton, visted each of the companies involved to source the theme of the show. The acemedy had a few sessions with the Street Curcus group and got to try out some pretty sick beatbox and dance fusions. It then resulted in a full week of intensive making, during the half term, directed by Paul Evans, with the final show being at the Queens Crescent Comminity Assocoiation.

For some of the young people I’d worked with at Beatbox Acadmey, this was their first experiance of taking part in something like this and needless to say, lots of friends were made, new skills discovered and memories formed. It was freezing cold, over the two days when the show took place in April, yet they braved it and the local comminty came out in force to support.

It was a mammoth week and really tiring, as these things often are but I’m super glad I got to be involved, helping the Academy develop material a lot of which went on to be used during the show, there was a few standout performances and hopefully they’ll all treasure the memery. It reminded me of when I first got involved in theatre and co-incidently, being that it was Roundhouse who were partnering with the Battersea Arts Centre, these were the two venues that gave me my first steps into this game, so it was fitting, that I got to put a little bit back, to a whole new generation, having their first experiances in the performing arts.

Have a butchers of the video, support your local youth arts.