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Paul's blogging again

Wednesday Spesh. Latest #140BPM from Bus 'n Paul

Here’s the latest mix from me and Bus, recorded last week in Lewisham.

We had a few issues with the sound, so the video is only a segment of the set; the only part that wasan’t sounding all mash up. However, the good news is, the 20 or so minutes that were captured, featured some certified bangers, mate. Bus was on fire, drawing for some classics from Sukh Knight, Wiley, Sir Spyro and more.

We’re still figureing out the best way to do this, it’s all part of the fun, working it out as we go along. Bus has told me he’s bought a new fisheye lens, so next set, we’re gonna’ have that filming us. I think we’re both getting sharper with it, generally, performance-wise and soon, I’ll start introducing some new bars. Either way, we’re doing this whole thing becuase we both love the music and we both love doing this. If we gain anything out of it, beyond the pleasure we’re alrrady getting just from doing it, then, that’s a bonus, mate. Sometimes it’s worth doing shit just for the sake of it. Hobbies are underrated.

In the meantine, check out Bus’s Vimeo page, he’s got a whole bunch of mixes on there, all different styles.