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New video's: Crows and Trap It

Back in Janaury, I bopped down to these studio’s over in docklands somewhere, to link up with my mate Peter Hayhoe and his Muddy Feet Poetry team and film both of these video’s there. As ever, I had a good laugh and was glad to get these one’s done and shot. They both feature in the Suburban book, in the final third, as they were written whilst I lived in Morden, probably about three or four years ago. Both pieces are based on a cominbation of experiancing the same things, a few times, football and crows respectivly. Trap It has become a staple opener for me, in my sets, over the last few years and I latterly introduced Crows back last year, sometime. They’re both fairly short and amusing (to some, at least) so work well as openers. I’m slowly putting a new set togethor, so these will all be put to bed for a while, until I get bored again, so I was chuffed to get them filmed and out there at last. Give Muddy Feet a follow, they put out new spoken word video’s every week.

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