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Crows In The Garden

Few weeks back, the day Muddy Feet dropped my new Crows video I got a surprise email from a poet called Liz Darcy Jones. Turns out Liz has this website, where she puts up audio and visual content, all based around nature, it’s pretty cool, all interactive and that - Oddly enough, the day the Crows video dropped, Liz just so happened to be updating her page about birds, when she scrolled on to You Tube and BOSH, up pops my muggy face with a poem aout Crows.

Liz immedicltey messaged me saying it was ‘serendipitous (‘ aint gonna’ lie, I had to look up the meaning of the word. I’d heard of the noun, serendipity, as that was the name of the arcade in the North Terminal at Gatwick, where I’d sometimes hang out as a nipper, with nothing to do, before the police kicked would kick us out.) Suffice to say, I think Liz used it in the correct context.

Liz kindly invited me to be poet in residince for this month, on her site, I duly obliged and you can read it all here on her site Was pretty touched by it, as I’m not exatly a typical nature writer. However, that probabaly says more about me than anything, as looking round Liz’s site, it’s quite clear she’s very open- minded and not at all hamstrung by silly labels or boxes. That’s the type of peope I like.