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High Rise eState of Mind

High Rise eState of Mind


High Rise Estate of mind

We all need homes...
it needs to be fair
We all need safe, clean homes
it needs to be fair
We all need to be housed.

A stunning new show from the makers of No Milk For The Foxes, Denmarked and Frankenstein, exposing young people's fears about where they will live. Will they ever be able to aford to live somewhere clean and safe? Is it a fair race, or is the system fundamentally f****d and a home is just a modern-day pipe dream?

High Rise Estate of Mind tells difficult-to-swallow truths through a dystopian lens using grime, beatboxing, hip hop, looping and MCing. A fast-paced, urban story about class and housing, frustrations, inequalities and the pointlessness of it all at times.

Featuring performer/beatboxer Conrad Murray, spoken word author Paul Cree, rapper Gambit Ace and spoken word artist Lakeisha Lynch Stevens (AKA grime MC Lady KI KI).

#eStateofMind #GenerationRent #Hardworkpaysoff

Produced by Strike A Light and co-commissioned by Strike A Light, GL4, Battersea Arts Centre and Camden People's Theatre.